Thursday, January 29, 2015

Welcome to my new blog (Ka blog thar ah chibai le)

I have been doing blogging since the last eight years in English and Mizo languages, but in my older blog I added google adsense application so that I am not allowed to post with non recognised language. Here in this new blog I now transferred all the posts with Mizo language that i had made in that blog. Welcome to this new blog.

Kum riat kal ta atang khan blogging hi ka lo ti ve tawh a, Saptawng leh Mizo tawng in ka ziak thin a, mahse ka blog hlui zawk ah google adsense ka hman avangin tawng an pawmpui loh hmanga ka ziak te chu tarlang a remchang ta lo a ni. He blog thar ah hian chumi blog hlui zawk a Mizo tawng a ka lo tarlan tawh te chu ka suan chhuak ta a ni. He blog thar ah hian ka lo lawm a che.

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